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City of Astana

Astana, capital of Kazakhstan, became the youngest capital in the world. This city is a major business, commercial, diplomatic and cultural center of the Central Asian region.

The population by 2015 approached one million people.

From 2000 Astana is a member of the International Assembly of Capitals and Cities (IACC) , an authoritative organization in the field of social and business partnership , whose members are Moscow, Minsk and other major cities of EEU.


Young capital, changing in front of your eyes - a symbol of creation, creativity and progress of the people of Kazakhstan.432 construction companies participated in the construction of Astana, 135 plants supplied construction building materials.

Along with local firms,Turkish, Italian, French and Swiss companies builtnew capital. Every year, up to 100 medium and large sitesare starting to operate. Appearance of the city changed with the construction of new residential complexes, business centers, shopping malls and others. The accelerated pace of construction and nationwide support allowed during 10 years to build a modern city with a unique image and style and this is not the limit. Capital continues to grow and become prettier on the eyes of the world.

To the pride of Kazakhs, beautiful Astana is a city of the Exhibition EXPO 2017.

The basis of the city's economy istrade, construction and transport.Up to 22% of the gross regional products of the city provide small and medium-sized businesses. A special economic zone "Astana - new city" is functioning in the city in order to attract investors and develop new competitive industries. Advantage of SEZis the presence of a special legal regime providing tax and customs privileges. Projects of different directions are implemented on the territory of SEZ.

PS: The information from public sources.